• Knox unflavored gelatin, 3 or 4 packs
  • Coffee cup , bowl or squirt bottle to mix Knox
  • Fine tooth comb or paint brush
  • Bobbie Pins ( same color as your hair)
  • Hair bands
  • Hair net (same color as your hair)
  • Bun maker or chignon ( for short or fine hair)
  • Old towel for over the should while Knoxing

Recipe for Knox

  • ¼ to ½ cup of water
  • 3 to 4 packages of Knox

How to knox

  1. Dampen hair and the pull back into a smooth ponytail.  Ponytail should be placed near the top of the head but not directly.
  2. For girls with medium to long length hair, hair should be braided into 2 braids.  The braids should be wrapped around the base the ponytail to make a bun, securing with Bobbie pins.
  3. For girls with short or fine hair, a bun maker or chignon may be used.  Once the hair has been pulled into a ponytail, place the bun maker.  Once the bun maker is in place separate the hair evenly around to fully cover the bun maker.  Then take a hair band and place it over the bun to pull hair tight around the bun maker.  With stray ends twist them around the bun securing them with Bobbie pins.
  4. After the bun is secured in place wrap a hair net around the bun tightly and secure with Bobbie pins.  This will keep stray hairs in place and help keep the bun in place.
  5. Now you are ready to knox
    1. Start at the top of the head.  Take a fine tooth comb and dip it into the Knox. Comb Knox through the hair.  Always combing towards the bun.
    2. After you have combed the knox all the around the head, take the paint brush or your hands and work any remain knox around the head again to make sure that  all strays and lumps are smooth.
    3. It is not necessary to Knox the bun if a hair net is used but you may if you want to.
    4. Hair should be dry before the swimmer gets in the water to swim.  If the hair is not dry the Knox is likely to come out before the competition even starts.  You may use a hair dryer to help speed the drying process.

(Typically in January there will be a knoxing party for all swimmers and their parent to refresh or to learn how to Knox)